Ready for a sporty weekend

Me, Alex, and my roommate VictoriaNot everybody at the Saps (Millsaps, for those who don’t yet speak the lingo) is a college-registered athlete. Sure, we have a high number of student-athletes who excel both in the classroom and on their respective field or court, but the rest of the student body, myself included, prefer various types of less competitive recreational exercise, if that. I myself do love hitting the tennis courts every once in a while, or finding a couple of hours each week to make an appearance at the HAC (or, Halls Activities Center- the student gym), but couldn’t imagine being as skilled  and dedicated as the Millsapians who play for our school. So for those of us who don’t get all the exposure to organized sports as the student-athletes do, there are weekends when several of the sports teams all happen to be exhibiting their coordination prowess at the same time.

This upcoming Friday-Sunday is going to be one of those weekends. The famed “Backyard Brawl” is taking place this Saturday night, and this year, it will be in our “backyard”. Millsaps and Mississippi College’s annual showdown on the football field always draws a giant crowd of students, parents, and alumni who deck themselves out in various shades of purple to cheer on the Majors. If the giant purple blob of fans in the stands isn’t intimidating enough to the opposing team and their support, there is always the emphatic student section to make them realize exactly who they are up against. Instead of filing into the stands, students set up camp right behind the southern end zone, and bring plenty of tents, couches, tables, and food with them. The action is always right in front of us, and as long as nobody takes a stray field goal ball to the face, it’s a good time for everyone. The Choctaws won’t stand a chance!

Along with the annual grudge match, the volleyball team and soccer team will also be throwing down the gauntlet against other colleges this weekend. One of the great things about attending a smaller school is the fact that you are bound to know some of the players on each team, and that fact makes the games so much more exciting! I mean, I love a good soccer game, but it is even better when you can shout at your friends and suitemates on the field from the stands. You can bet we will all be doing such a thing this weekend, along with getting our dose of competition for the month. It’s going to be a good weekend…


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