My texting skills have met their match…

I am one fierce text-er. I know that most young people are these days, but… I’m going to assert that I can probably text most other college students into the ground. That being said, I have now faced a new challenge: touch screen texting.

The story behind my new touch screen phone is actually one that caused me a lot of stress and anger in the past several days. It all started with my old phone slowly refusing to charge when I plugged it into the wall. I would have to turn the charging cord every which way inside the phone to finally get the electricity flowing, and then one day it just decided to quit taking a charge at all. This obviously meant that time was ticking. Once the phone died, it was gone for good. This predicament set me out on a mission to my provider’s local store. To avoid placing ignominy and shame on my particular company, I will just call it Cell Phone Company…

So off I went to the Cell Phone Company store. One lesson that is sometimes hard-learned in college is how to deal with difficult situations without the help of Mom and Dad. This particular situation is a perfect example. So in I went into the Cell Phone Company store and found the nearest employee, whom I unfortunately did not realize would be the type of person who would make me want to pull my hair out. Let’s call this lovely person Kevin. Kevin took me under his wing and proceeded to tell me all about the great phones that Cell Phone Company now offered and quickly had me set up with a new phone that was going to be free after all the rebates and “specials”. When Kevin actually  decided to listen to me and realized that I was not, in fact, eligible for an upgrade and that I was really just needing a replacement, he promptly told me that the phone that was going to be free was actually going to cost $200. When I said no, he suggested that I just file a warranty claim and have a new phone mailed to me. I agreed.

Kevin took my dying phone behind a screen to “check it out,” then returned, claiming that he wanted to show me something. He pulled the charging port right out of the phone, then stated that I had clearly jammed the charging port maliciously and that it was entirely my fault and, consequently, warranty would not be covering the replacement. He kindly handed me a pamphlet on insurance coverage for phones and tried to send me on my merry little way. When I asked him about backing up my 179 contacts, he said that it was not possible because of the port being missing (it was only missing because he removed it) and then smiled and said, “WELL! I guess it’s time to decide which of your contacts are really important to you and are worth keeping! I suggest typing them individually into your computer… it’s a lot quicker than handwriting them.” He said with a gleam in his eye. Kevin and I were no longer friends, if we ever had been in the first place.

Once I was back home filing an insurance claim, I found out that insurance said it was a warranty problem, while warranty said it was an insurance problem. I found myself locked in a 30 minute conversation with Technical Support on the phone and ended up having to buy a new phone anyway. It came in the mail three whole days after my old phone died. I would like to say that it’s really liberating not having a cell phone for a few days… but it was actually just very stressful and caused me a handful of headaches. If I never had to see Kevin again with his snarky little smirk, it would be too soon.

I can say with conviction that I do like this new phone, which is good. The texting, however, will have to be practiced. Today, it took me five tries to type the word “through,” as it evolved from “trough” to “thrpygh” to “througj” and then back to “trough.” I am choosing to look at this entire journey as a learning experience. I learned how to use self-control to keep me from round-house kicking Kevin, and also how to operate a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard. I’m sure my sweet friends (who still love me no matter how many times I have asked to use their phone in the last five days) will endure misspelled words and senseless text messages until I can return my skills to their previous level of excellence.


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