Fall break was especially wonderful this year. I always love going home for a break: getting to sleep in my room at home, a nice, somewhat quiet house, an opportunity to put down my books and visit with my family, and, of course, getting to make the menu for the weekend. This fall break, however, we added another member to the family. Her name is Remi, and she’s an eight week old chocolate Lab.

My dad called me the other day with the news that we would be getting a new puppy. I was even more excited, too, because I was the one who was going to get to pick her up from the breeder. We were picking her up from a small town that is on the way home for me, so I got to do the honors.

Remi is hilarious because she has huge bursts of energy where she runs around at full speed, gnawing on things (usually my hand, feet, or ponytail if I’m on the ground), chasing tennis balls, and barking at inanimate objects. Then, she stops and falls asleep wherever she is. We called her the narcoleptic puppy all weekend. She also loved to sleep in my lap. She would crawl in and go to sleep, and if I picked her up and moved her to the floor, she would wake up, crawl right back into my lap, and get right back to dreaming. It was precious.

Taking care of a new puppy was like taking care of a baby. We tried to sleep when she would sleep, or get chores done, because when she was awake we had to watch her like hawks. We had to put her to bed like a baby too; get her to fall asleep while we were petting her, then sneak out of the room without waking her up so she wouldn’t cry. Despite losing a little sleep, I miss her terribly now that I’m back at school. I might have to make an extra trip home, so that I can still play with her while she’s small and cuddly.

The only members of the family that aren’t thrilled with Remi are our other pets, Blue Kitty and Coco (our 11-year-old chocolate Lab). Other than those two, everyone who sees her falls in love. I wish I could have taken her back to school with me!


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