They tried to make me go to rehab…

…but I said, “…..well, ok.”

Three times a week. That’s the verdict on my knee problem. I’m still making my way across campus, but I have to wear a lovely brace sometimes, and can be seen taking the elevator instead of one flight of stairs. But that’s ok; I can handle a couple of judgmental “Why don’t you just take the stairs” looks over the crackling of my joint struggling over the steps any day.

I’m happy to report, however, that I have not let the ‘situation’ hold me back. Last night, I engaged in a new activity: The Great Millsaps Scavenger Hunt. I went out to meet my teammates thinking that we would just go around campus taking pictures on foot. That wasn’t the case, though. We headed to one of the guy’s cars and set off on a Tour de Jackson, working towards ultimate victory. We started at 5 pm, and including taking a dinner break and another hour break around 9, worked until midnight. If we don’t win, someone’s going down…

The list of required photographs was also as bizarre as possible. We ended up at Party City, Shoe Connection, Lowe’s, Walmart, Burger King, CiCi’s Pizza, a gas station, a park, and around Millsaps. We instigated a Thumb War with a cop, made a Spam sculpture, “walked on water,” lifeguarded a bathtub, danced with a senior citizen, wore a jacket that was still hanging in the closet (yes, I had to be off the floor for that one), and about a hundred other random tasks. The pictures we took are priceless.

I had no idea what I was getting into when the guys asked me to be on their team. I also would never have guessed that on a Wednesday night I would have been gallivanting across the city taking pictures and doing things like getting Subway employees to sing happy birthday to my friend Taylor in Walmart or watching guys put on high heels in a shoe store. We’re trying to win some money here, but if we don’t, I think we entertained ourselves enough to still be in a good mood about it.


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