Rock for a Wish!

This week I have not had any tests or quizzes. I thought that would mean that I would find myself drinking tea and eating chocolate in my bed while I watched Bravo and E! all week, but it seems I have found another activity to take up my time: Rock for a Wish.

My sorority is hosting a “lip sync” competition tonight to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. It has been proven in the past that if you pit the student body against each other in a competition, you will be at least moderately successful in raising money through the event. So we asked the students to form teams and come up with a lip sync routine to perform. Guest judges include our professors, local “celebrities”, etc.  The usual amounts of smack talking have been going on the past couple of days, but my pledge class team and I all know that it’s going to come down to who puts on the best show (which will inevitably be us.. duh.)

That’s just because no one will be able to beat our mix of songs. We not only can lip sync to the mix of No Diggity (in which I have a “solo), Backstreet’s Back, and Bye Bye Bye, but we’ve also pulled together some killer choreography to go along with it that we practiced late at night this week. If someone else has moves that can beat my friend Maggie tucking into a somersault on stage…. then I’ll gracefully bow down and accept defeat. But that’s doubtful.


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