So something wonderful happened to me the other day… I turned 21.

I think it’s safe to say that this is the birthday everybody looks forward to from the day of their birth. Yes, we literally enter the world waiting for the day that we can return to the dark lair that is the DMV and get a horizontal drivers license.

I believe I already talked about my love of birthdays in an earlier post, and I’m sure the way I describe my birthday in a second will just solidify that emotion. This year, I actually had a multi-day celebration (dreams DO come true!!!). Boyfriend came  up from LSU and one of my best friends who graduated early came in to help me bring in my new year in style. We went out to eat at Julep, one of my favorite restaurants, with 20 of my friends. Naturally the restaurant staff was informed of my birthday status and took good care of me. We also hung out with friends at one of the fraternity houses, where everybody sang birthday songs to me at midnight. I was reminded once more that I’m lucky to have the best friends in the entire world. My mom also joined in the celebration via facebook by posting lots of my baby pictures and then pretending to apologize for embarrassing me. A good time was clearly had by all…

The next night we went to a local pub in Jackson called Fenians; it was a great place. They had a sort of pub jam band that played Johnny Cash and Grateful Dead covers. The only thing that would have made it better was if they had had room for a dance floor for all of us to break it down. I won’t go into too many details… but we had a good time to say the least.

Going off to college may seem like the best thing to ever happen to you when the time comes (and it probably is up to that point), but that’s just because you haven’t turned 21 yet.


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