I do…

Noooo, no no. I’m not getting married.

One of my best friends is, though.

It’s a crazy thing when the first of your group of friends gets engaged. “M” is a year older than me and she actually graduated this December so she could start a new job right out of college. Basically, her life is on the move. It was a Christmas Eve morning proposal (she called me at like, 7:30 to tell me all about it). And then followed the call right before I left for Christmas Eve church…

… the “will you be one of my bridesmaids?” call. I flipped out, and I believe I stammered something about feeling like she had proposed to me, jokingly.

Anyway, now begins the preparations, including getting fitted for a dress and planning a shower with the other Jackson bridesmaids. I’m just having a ball because I’ve never done this before. When the discussion of a bridal shower first came up, I’m pretty sure my eyes turned into little stars like on the cartoons.

I haven’t had the heart to warn her yet, but I’m definitely going to copy the “Forever” Chris Brown procession during the ceremony. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE???!!!!

Just kidding. That would be tacky.

^ Signs of things to come. M and me at a “gold digger” swap… Little did we know, her Ring Pop was soon to be replaced with a real rock.


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