Rain day

If I had forgotten that I lived in the South, I was reminded of my geographical location last Friday.

I had been watching the forecast on the Weather Channel over the days leading up to Friday and had been seeing countless stories of a winter storm of epic proportions that was apparently making its way down south. I kept hearing about the feet of snow that was being dropped onto the streets of affected cities, roofs caving in, and winds that were so strong they were knocking people down. Then… I saw the news… it was coming for Jackson!

Now, last year, we did have a legitimate snow day. We got five inches of snow on campus; people were making life-sized snowmen (something I had never seen in a place where I actually was living full-time), igloos (something I had never seen, period), and having snowball fights. And, of course, school was cancelled. It was great.

So I thought the same thing was going to happen. I was picturing all Jacksonians waking up to a winter wonderland on Friday morning. You could feel the tension in the city on Thursday night as everyone braced themselves, waiting for a crippling ice storm to come through. The roads were nearly deserted (for good reason, I mean, there was some ice on the roads), and dining establishments closed early. I went to sleep; lying in wait for my wonderful morning of snow and igloos.

I woke up. It was Friday morning. I looked outside…….

Rain. A couple of icicles hanging from lofty surfaces, but other than that… rain.


Long live the South and our tangible fear of icy conditions.


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