Tiny Tim… A Success Story

Opening doors is very difficult when you don’t have any free hands. So is carrying your food, purse, phone, anything lying around your room that needs to be picked up… you get my point.

There is one ray of sunshine through those troubles, though. The fact that I am having then means… I’M BACK AT SCHOOL. YAYYY! Fortunately, there have been no more instances of ‘un-pretty girl crying’ since I’ve been thrown back into my routine.

Without the help of my friends, professors, and security guards that give me rides in their golf carts when I have to go from one side of campus to the other, I think I would have crumpled into a sad heap of failure. But a heap of failure I am not, because I have all those people who make this transition ten million times easier. I let them have their fun at my expense every now and then (my roommate has been calling me “Tiny Tim”) and tolerate the crazy driving skills of our security guards who tear through gardens and narrow sidewalks in their motor carts with me holding on for dear life in exchange for all their help and support. One of my best friends has even been claiming that she’s been working out in the HAC (our athletics center) in anticipation of Spring Break, because she just swears she is going to carry me around at the beach so I don’t have to walk around on the sand. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet…

Speaking of Spring Break, it’s just around the corner! And by just around the corner, I mean it starts tomorrow! My crutches and I are beach-bound!


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