“God Bless You”

I am so blessed. I’ve been blessed about a hundred times today, probably 150 times yesterday. This can only mean one thing… Spring is here and I’m sneezing.

As I walked to the admissions office today, I saw a tree that looked like it had been covered in a mossy growth. It was pollen. Lots and lots of pollen. I wanted to chop that tree down and send it through a wood chipper right then and there for making me so miserable. Teach it a lesson. But I didn’t have an ax with me.

I will say this, though. With the pollen and consequent sneezing comes the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, right here on this campus. From the wisteria to the poplars to the grass that is green and perfectly groomed, Millsaps is glowing right now. It’s the perfect time to have a big visit weekend like the one we have coming up, Major Madness. It’s not just a weekend for visiting students either; it’s a weekend-long celebration for all the entire Millsaps community, with a free concert from Benjy Davis, free crawfish boil, etc. I anticipate many a sunburn next Monday from everyone spending long periods of time out in the sun this weekend.

So I guess I can handle the itchy nose and watery eyes if it means we get to enjoy weather and scenery like this for a couple of weeks . We’ll just call it a trade-off.


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