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Have I mentioned how much I love Jackson restaurants? If I haven’t, I’m surprised with myself, because they are awesome. When I make my millions, I’m going to move to Jackson and eat at the local restaurants every night. I guess that might be a little dramatic, and not truly what I plan on doing when I make my millions, but I don’t love the places any less.

There is a new restaurant in a fun, historic district in Jackson called Fondren that is delicious and exciting. It’s called Babalu and is a tapas and tacos restaurant. It’s my new favorite.

When you order guacamole at Babalu, the servers come to your table with a big stone bowl and the ingredients of the guacamole in individual bowls beside the larger one. They proceed to make the guacamole right in front of you. I love avocados in any form, and this form is fantastic. They have empanadas, tacos of every variety (the best one, in my opinion, is the Portobello), all kinds of specialty drinks and sangria, salads… all fresh and delicious. There’s a great atmosphere, a fun bar,  and a lovely patio where you can eat as well with comfortable lounge benches and big umbrellas.

We had our semester banquet for my sorority there last Sunday. It was a great way to close our an epic weekend; our formal was Friday night and Spring Parties were Saturday (Spring Parties are parties at the fraternity houses with pools and other set-ups that last all day and almost all night). Now that school is coming to a close- this is our last week of classes before finals week!- everyone is restless and ready to be done with their work.


The Mollusk

I’m finally driving again after this whole ordeal with knee surgery and the following hospitalization. This weekend, I went home and got my car from my house and visited with my parents. They had just gotten back from Costa Rica and had lots of stories to tell and pictures to show. They also made a “traditional Costa Rican breakfast” for me and my friend on Saturday morning, which was delicious and fun. Going home is always peaceful and revitalizing. At least, it used to be, until our lives changed forever back in October.

Some of you may remember when I wrote about my new chocolate Lab puppy, Remi. I picked her up on the way home for Fall Break last semester, when she was still small and always sleepy. Those days are long gone, for now she is like a bull in a china closet all the time.

To give you an idea of what we’re living with, get this… Over Christmas, a friend of my dad’s came over to the house, and as he was leaving, he and my dad stood in the front doorway with the door open. Remi ran outside and disappeared into the darkness. Suddenly, we heard a horrible sound coming from the bushes, and the Christmas lights flickered and went out. Remi had chewed through the light strand and electrocuted herself. She was fine, don’t worry. But come on…. really?

I’ve also had my mom write me a few emails over the course of Remi’s life at our house. “Call our cell phones, Remi chewed through the land line. Again.” She’s also chewed through the cable wires, the keyboard of our computer, the mouse, wicker furniture in the sunroom, countless shoes, mom’s potted plants, the broom, and, on occasion, her own tail, which she chases in circles.

One day, my parents came home to this…

Remi had been left at home alone for the first time in a month, and clearly, got very bored.

Surprisingly, this crazy animal is actually an extraordinary retriever. My dad is a big hunter (ducks, quail, dove, etc.) and is so proud of his little prodigy, who loves fetching and swimming. If only we could house-break her…

Dad came up with a theory that I believe wraps up Remi’s antics. We have another chocolate Lab, Coco, who is 11, and grew up the complete opposite of Remi. Coco was always cool, calm, and collected, mellow and thoughtful. We thought Remi would be the same, but we stand corrected. The only explanation is that Coco, in another life, was a human, who was not very well-behaved and when she died, was bumped down a level on the reincarnation scale. Now she is living her life to the best of her ability so she can regain Homo sapiens status. Remi, in a former life, was actually a mollusk, and by some cosmic disturbance, skipped all the other levels and went straight to mammal, and for the first time ever has a vertebrae and doesn’t know what to do with herself.

Despite all of this mayhem, I still love her. Every now and then, she will completely exhaust herself by doing mollusk-y things and will enter a  semicomatose state. At that rare instance, she really is sweet and precious. This happened once while I was home Friday evening and was very enjoyable. As much as I love school, I am looking forward to a longer visit with Remi and my family at home.

The Sequined Bolero

The closet of one of my friends is a mystical place, full of strange accessories and questionable attire. This includes, but is not limited to, a pink faux-fur vest, a cut-up wolf tee, and my new personal favorite, the sequined bolero.

The sequined bolero is exactly what it sounds like, but better. It has shoulder pads. When one dons said bolero, it is thought that maybe some ethereal powers pass from the heavens into your soul. I experienced this last Friday night as we were hanging out in a friends room at one of the fraternity houses. The bolero was being passed around for us to try on for photo opportunities.

Once the bolero was brought out, other costume pieces joined the group… a lion hat, a pair of very strong eyeglasses… needless to say, it was bizzare, but very entertaining. I’ve learned at Millsaps that it doesn’t take a large group of people to have a good time. If this all sounds weird to you, I’m not surprised… It was weird. The bolero was weird, the lion hat was weird, the fact that we were taking pictures with these strange accessories was weird, but it was all in good fun. It’s those quirky memories that stand out the most from your college career anyway.