The Sequined Bolero

The closet of one of my friends is a mystical place, full of strange accessories and questionable attire. This includes, but is not limited to, a pink faux-fur vest, a cut-up wolf tee, and my new personal favorite, the sequined bolero.

The sequined bolero is exactly what it sounds like, but better. It has shoulder pads. When one dons said bolero, it is thought that maybe some ethereal powers pass from the heavens into your soul. I experienced this last Friday night as we were hanging out in a friends room at one of the fraternity houses. The bolero was being passed around for us to try on for photo opportunities.

Once the bolero was brought out, other costume pieces joined the group… a lion hat, a pair of very strong eyeglasses… needless to say, it was bizzare, but very entertaining. I’ve learned at Millsaps that it doesn’t take a large group of people to have a good time. If this all sounds weird to you, I’m not surprised… It was weird. The bolero was weird, the lion hat was weird, the fact that we were taking pictures with these strange accessories was weird, but it was all in good fun. It’s those quirky memories that stand out the most from your college career anyway.


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