Buzz Killington strikes…

Four of us began our journey to Nice from Jackson, MS this morning from the Jackson-Evers Airport, each of us excited and eager to arrive in France. Claire, Madeline, Lane, and myself all were among the passengers of flight 2209 destined for Atlanta, where we would make our connection to Paris, and then to Nice.

The plans were interrupted, however, when after boarding at 11:15, we were informed by the captain that there was a “gauge discrepancy” (what?) giving faulty fuel levels, and that maintenance would have to be called. As we sat on the tarmac for what ended up being an hour and a half, we realized that our presence on the next flight was in jeopardy. We were supposed to leave at 11:31. We left at 1:00. I had an US Weekly magazine to keep me occupied, and was given two miniature packets of peanuts to ease my hunger and anxiety. Neither was sufficient.

This story ends with us actually making it to the gate a couple of minutes before it was supposed to leave, but SURPRISE!, they gave our seats away! You know where I am right now? I’m in a hotel in Atlanta with a couple of $6 food vouchers in my wallet and an overnight toiletries bag from the airline. Tomorrow, I will be in New York at JFK, and tomorrow night, I will be on a flight to Nice, where I will arrive a day late, missing our first appointment at France Langue.

The most annoying part is that we have too much time to kill here at our hotel, but not enough time to go do something cool like go to the aquarium or to the Bodies exhibit. Claire said it best: “Whalesharks would REALLY calm me down right now.”

Sadly, we will see no whalesharks tonight. We will probably try to find some laundry detergent to wash the clothes that we are doomed to stay in until Monday, as we don’t have our luggage, and I might consider taking up the suggestion from the man at the front desk that I use an iron to straighten my hair in the morning…. thanks, dude.


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