Nice. Day 2.

Last night, we had chicken cordon bleu. There are two girls who are living here as well this week from Austria and last night, it was hard to talk with them because none of us speak good conversational French. But ALLELUIA!… tonight, Nicole and her grandsons went out to a restaurant as the three of us girls were eating, and once she left, one of the Austrians goes, “Can we speak English?”
– “Umm…YES!”
They invited me out with them tonight after we talked for a while, which I will take them up on later this week. Claire and I have a date to walk to the beach, which is just two blocks from my apartment, this evening!

I had my first day of class today. I thought that class would just be something that I had to endure while I enjoyed the rest of my time here in Nice, but I was wrong. I. Loved. Class. It was SO fun and the people in it were really chatty and funny. We are all at the same level, so we help each other talk things out in French (we all tried to collectively describe foam parties and glow sticks at some point today), and talked about ourselves and asked lots of questions of each other. There are 10 of us in class, from USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, and Japan. It’s actually surprising how quickly we all clicked together, especially because we are different ages as well, not to mention different backgrounds and family situations (one girl is married with two kids). One guy from Switzerland said that he liked to dance, and the teacher asked what kind. His answer, in a heavy Swiss accent, was, “Cha cha cha, rumba, jive, disco-swing…”. At “disco-swing,” I laughed a little. Couldn’t help it. Disco-swing?? And he was completely serious. But I don’t think anyone thought anything of me laughing; I’m pretty sure they did too. The teacher asked him for a demonstration, but he refused. Pity.

After class, we grabbed sandwiches at the Monoprix (which I think is going to be a daily ritual- they’re cheap and delicious). The bread here is just so good. I don’t know how I’m going to eat bread back home after a month with these heavenly loaves. We met with everyone else from Millsaps and with Dr. Chadeyras back at the school at two PM because she wanted to give us an orientation of the city. The good of it was that I now know where some places are that I want to revisit at a more leisurely pace. And, it did include some incredible views. We went to le Chateau on top of a hill that looked out at Nice and down at the harbor closer to Monaco. This is what it looked like:

But probably my favorite part was when Nicole’s grandsons came over this evening. They are ten years old- Arthur et Lucas. Lucas was a little timid, but Arthur was obviously the kid who loves meeting company, because he gave me the biggest smiles and wanted to talk to me. They started playing X-Box. When I saw it, I said “Ahh… X Box!” and Arthur yells, “TROIS CENT SOIXAAAAAAANTE!!!!!”
I talked with them in French a little (they’re easier to talk to… go figure…). They showed off a little by acting silly. It was great. Turns out, French kids are just like American kids. I don’t know why I thought they’d be different, or cooler or something.

Tomorrow, we will plage it up. Au revoir!


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