Life in Nice

We’ve had a couple nice, relaxing afternoon/evenings lately and took another excursion today.

I’ve realized recently that the ONLY thing I’ve spent money on is food, drinks, and travel/excursions (museums, churches, buses, trains). At home, I would be ashamed of all the treats and carbs I have been consuming lately- crepes, gelato, pastries, bread, nutella, Kinder, Orangina, Oasis-, but we walk so much I don’t care at all, not to mention the fact that I can’t get such delicious things at home.

Yesterday after school, we had a crepe and coffee lunch in Vieux Nice. I had a crepe with apricot that reminded me exactly of something I used to eat at my grandmother’s house, and a hazelnut coffee that was strong, strong, strong, and so yummy. We were also approached by a beggar in a wheelchair at this restaurant, whom we refused, and who then sat around at the cafe and ordered a beer and talked on a cell phone… yeah… As we left the area, we found a beautiful macaron stand and each got one. That is another one of my new favorite treats. Macarons. Mmm.

We also went to a movie yesterday and saw the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris, which was SO wonderful. I didn’t want it to be over when it ended. I sat there musing at how beautiful France was in the movie, then delighted myself by remembering that I’m in France, watching a movie about Paris. What a good feeling. The theater was also super nice, and very, very quiet; no popcorn smacking or pesky whispering. I think the four of us got a little more out of the movie as well because it was in English with French subtitles, and often we laughed when other people didn’t. Things get lost in translation, I suppose.

The movie ended and three of us ended up back in Vieux Nice sitting on a fountain with gelato.

Nicole made a great dinner, starting with fresh mozarella drizzled in olive oil and pepper, with an omelette made with lots of potatoes and other herbs.
Now, today began with a bus ride from hell that was long, stinky, nauseating, and involved me sitting in front of two people who couldn’t stop kissing each other, a guy who had the Black Lung, and then a girl who decided to listen to music from her phone but must have forgotten her headphones at home, or else she just thought everyone liked listening to French female pop stars.

But I recovered as we walked the streets of Antibes, which smelled so good, like fresh bread in some parts and flowers in others. We found another market (our new favorite thing) and one of the sellers let Claire and I taste test lots of different kinds of honey from the Provence region. There were macarons, soaps, flowers, etc. We walked down the streets that were filled with Artisan pastry stores and made mental note to stop on the way back. We were heading to the beach. Can’t have food babies at the beach… well, you can, actually, but we didn’t want to today.

Unlike the beaches here in Nice, Antibes had a sandy beach that was incredibly beautiful. We were there for hours. When standing on the wall near the beach, you could see straight through the water, as well as see the snow-capped Alpes in the background. The pictures hardly do it justice.

On the way back to the bus, we stopped at one of the pastry shops. I got a palmier, a chocolate eclair, and an apple tart. No, I didn’t eat them all at once. I have a happy little box in the fridge for later.

My evening was capped off with a shower and a nice repose on the couch watching the French Open, in French. The announcers are great and, without understanding everything they say, I can appreciate their enthusiasm. There was frequent expulsions of air into their mics, making a loud WWWOOOOSSSHHH sound when something great or bad happened, and a handful of “Oooh la la!!!”‘s (yes, they do say that here). I sat there giggling by myself just at the commentary.

There is a great band out in Place Massena right now that I am really enjoying through an open window. I love that this is my life right now.


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