One giant thing off the summer checklist…

Tonight, I submitted my dental school application.

I have agonized over it for a month now. It takes a while, and I was taking it in very small pieces at a time. And tonight, it is finished and submitted.

It is a very strange feeling to have it out of the way, the same feeling I had when I was studying for the DAT (the MCAT, but for dental school) and the same one I had after I took it and happily got my scores. It’s this strange feeling that something you have thought about and talked about for years is actually upon you, or, even better, out of the way. Maybe you felt/feel this way when you were/are applying to colleges (I didn’t so much, at least not near as much as I do now), but it really is a crazy emotion.

Now, I wait. This might be the most agonizing part yet, honestly, but that’s ok. Now I can just wait for further instruction and otherwise clear my mind and enjoy the rest of the summer, which includes another visit from some Millsaps “besties” in a couple weekends. Yay!


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