Monthly Archives: September 2011

Back at the Saps

I moved back in on the 21st and started school promptly at 8AM the next morning. Ordinarily, this would make me very tired, but I was so full of energy and adrenaline from being excited to be back at school, it didn’t phase me at all.

Since then life has been a whirlwind of classes, meetings and practices and parties for sorority recruitment, study sessions, work-out sessions, going out, hanging out, and sometimes sleeping if time permits. I live in the one of the newest dorms on campus, so I have been enjoying my room- the same one I had last year, actually- a lot. It’s nice to have your own space to retreat to when you need to catch your breath.

Despite being completely swamped (in the best way possible) with school activities and social minglings, I do find myself missing France right now. I reread some of my travel blog (some of which I reposted on this blog back in May and June) and became nostalgic. I particularly miss my host apartment. I was always so used to living outside the city back at home, where it was very dark and quiet. The first night in Nice, I remember thinking, “HOW am I going to do this??” as my room was four stories above a very busy street in a busy square. But I came to absolutely love it. I loved hearing the little cars, people yelling at each other in French or Italian (Nice is close to the border with Italy), wedding parties going by, live music, and little French scene-sters on skateboards. I was constantly reminded that I was in Europe, southern France to be exact, and I never wanted to forget it.

Enough memory ranting for now. I have my senior year to look forward to and be excited about. Each year at Millsaps has been even better than the last, and I can’t wait to see how amazing this one will be. It’s already off to a great start.