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This weekend

It was not real life.

By that I mean it was just so incredible that it left me with the false impression that I wasn’t in school anymore and could just have fun and never work again for the rest of my college career.

That’s not the case; that’s just how it felt. Friday night, my sorority had one of our date parties for the semester. It was at the Mississippi Sports Museum, had a live band, and was a great reason to dress up and go dance the night away. We came back later that night and somehow decided a change of pace would be a great idea and put in the Ring, which I still maintain is one of the scariest movies ever. To be honest, this was the first time I actually kept my eyes open the whole time… Lame, I know, but after seeing some of the scary stuff I remember why I had opted not to look in the past.

Saturday was homecoming day, and we had lots of homecoming festivities to attend. All the recent (and sometimes older) alumni come in for homecoming, so I saw lots of friends of mine that had graduated in the past year or two. We had open houses for sororities, a football game, Tasting at the Tents (where lots of student organizations set up tents and enter a food contest), a dinner for a friend’s birthday, and a Halloween party all night long. We stayed out late… very late… probably the latest I’ve stayed up in the past year…

This is one of my best friends who graduated last year, and the bride-to-be of the wedding I’m in this December!

Oh yes… a picture with the Major…

And Sunday was the recovery day when I finally slept and then went to the HAC (the athletics center) to run off all the food I had eaten all weekend. The Saints lost, which made me very sad and upset, but I got over it eventually. One of my professors jokes that if the Saints lose, he grades harder and makes his tests more difficult, and considering we have a test in his class this Tuesday, I should maybe study a little more than I usually would, if I can get over this senioritis and sit down and study. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the year…


Saddle Up.

Last Saturday, one of the fraternities on campus had their annual Blazing Saddles party.

Blazing Saddles is a camping sort of party. It was on somebody’s land in south Louisiana, complete with a giant bonfire, a nice camp house, a pond, and plenty of room for a band, frisbee, and other shenanigans. It was great.

These parties are a great change of pace from the usual goings-on from Thursday to Saturday nights. We left Saturday and got lunch at Beagle Bagel, a local favorite, and hit the road caravan style, drove down to the camp listening to music, and stayed there until the next morning.

You may have noticed that the weather at night in October is much colder than the weather during the day. We especially noticed this in our tents that night. I actually never did fall asleep, something I have never done in my life. I was even colder after one of my friends accidentally spilled the entire contents of his cup on top of me and another friend around the fire. I had just started to tell him that he had a fire ember on his jacket, and he did not wait for me to say “ember,” so he just thought he was on fire, flipped out, and in the process, flipped his cup. Mikey and I caught it, or at least the beverage inside of it, with our faces. Classic…

But despite the sleep deprivation and the spill, it was fantastic, another one of those nights spent with best friends and live music. I’m starting to get to all the “lasts” of college; last Blazing Saddles, for instance, and it’s making me sad. I’m going to miss so much about Millsaps when the time comes. But for now, I’ll just keep living it up.

My roommate and I…

Right before lighting the great fire!


Last Friday through Tuesday we had our Fall Break. I hadn’t been home since August, so I was ready to let someone take care of me for a little while, not to mention I usually get to request the menus for the weekend. Mmmm…

I titled this blog “Triumph!” because I had one Saturday night. My dad and brother and I headed for the tennis courts by my house to hit some tennis balls for a little while. I haven’t picked up a racket since before my surgery last February. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check the posts from February of this year, but to sum it up, I had knee surgery and some complications after. Anyway, it felt great to swing a racket again. I’d like to think I killed it. I mean, with the exception of my foot work needing some serious work and my speed being, well, not so speedy, I did really well.

Otherwise I enjoyed a nice, girly break. I went had a spa date with my mom, and a shopping adventure, and I made some fantastic chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing, all from scratch. Very domestic, yes? I visited with some good friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and spent some quality time with the cutest pup in the world.

She’s so bad. She tried to ruin a NCAA golf tournament that was taking place over the weekend by picking up a live ball on the course and running off with it. Really embarassing…


Talk the talk, carve the chalk

Last Friday was the big day. I got married.

Just kidding. I had my dental school interview!!!

And the process was a family affair, beginning with my parents picking me up Thursday night to drive me to New Orleans. We stayed at my favorite hotel and made dinner reservations for Friday night at my favorite restaurant. I was excited for it all, except the actual interview, which I was incredibly nervous about.

The school I applied to is one of the last to still utilize a chalk-carving manual dexterity test as part of the interview process. I had been practicing and practicing and once it was finally done, I could relax and enjoy the rest of the process, which I really did enjoy. It was great to meet other interviewees and realize that they were all people I could see myself being friends with at school.

In fact, I thought I didn’t know anyone else who was applying, let alone interviewing on the same day as me. So imagine my surprise when I walked in and realized that the first person I looked at was someone with whom I graduated high school and haven’t seen since! And once it was known that I was a Millsaps student, I had the usual “Oh! Do you know…” questions and discovered that I had mutual BFF’s with four out of the nine people there. Amazing. Small world, but I shouldn’t be surprised about that by now.

So overall it was an enjoyable experience, even though it was a whirlwind, and got me really amped up about the prospects of being a student there next year.

So that night, my parents and I enjoyed our fabulous dinner and drinks, went to bed, woke up and shopped on Magazine St. Saturday morning. We ate poboys, then hopped back in the car to return to Jackson, listening to the LSU-Florida game (Geaux Tigers) until we were somewhere where we could watch the smack-down on TV. Sorry for not being sorry, Gator fans.

Anyway, I can all but picture myself being a dentist one day. And so can my friends, apparently, who helped me stage some demonstrations…

Just kidding. Maybe.

“A Day in the Country”

This weekend was ridiculously beautiful. Ridiculously.

And I don’t just mean beautiful in the sense that the weather was perfect, but also beautiful because of the great things that happened. First came Friday night, when I made my way downtown with some friends to see the Molly Ringwalds.

I really wish this wasn’t blurry, but you still get the effect of the hair, the pants, the 1980’s…

I know that 80’s covers aren’t everyone’s thing, but they are mine and I had a grand old time, especially when my friend Alex and I danced to the last song in a crowd full of people who were not dancing (we had more fun than them…).

And if you haven’t seen them or you don’t know who the Molly Ringwalds are, you are MISSING OUT.

Anyway, Saturday morning happened earlier than I would have liked it to, but that was all remedied when I realized what a beautiful day it was and I headed for the country with a car full of friends. My friend Maggie’s church was having their annual “A Day in the Country” when they have a huge outdoor fundraiser/festival-of-sorts. Her church sits on a big piece of lovely land. There was a folksy band playing and scores of tents set up with art and food to buy. They had homemade breads, cakes, dips, grilled corn, boiled peanuts, BBQ, etc. And we took a hay ride around the back field.

We also listened to the history of the chapel that dated back to before the Civil War, which included a love story, war stories, and a duel that ended tragically for the son of the founders of Vicksburg. It was so interesting.

The rest of the weekend was just as restful and revitalizing as our country adventure, which was much needed considering I had had one of those infamous weeks full of tests and papers. Now I’m ready to hit the ground running…

And, of course, prepare for my dental school interview… it’s this Friday!!!