“A Day in the Country”

This weekend was ridiculously beautiful. Ridiculously.

And I don’t just mean beautiful in the sense that the weather was perfect, but also beautiful because of the great things that happened. First came Friday night, when I made my way downtown with some friends to see the Molly Ringwalds.

I really wish this wasn’t blurry, but you still get the effect of the hair, the pants, the 1980’s…

I know that 80’s covers aren’t everyone’s thing, but they are mine and I had a grand old time, especially when my friend Alex and I danced to the last song in a crowd full of people who were not dancing (we had more fun than them…).

And if you haven’t seen them or you don’t know who the Molly Ringwalds are, you are MISSING OUT.

Anyway, Saturday morning happened earlier than I would have liked it to, but that was all remedied when I realized what a beautiful day it was and I headed for the country with a car full of friends. My friend Maggie’s church was having their annual “A Day in the Country” when they have a huge outdoor fundraiser/festival-of-sorts. Her church sits on a big piece of lovely land. There was a folksy band playing and scores of tents set up with art and food to buy. They had homemade breads, cakes, dips, grilled corn, boiled peanuts, BBQ, etc. And we took a hay ride around the back field.

We also listened to the history of the chapel that dated back to before the Civil War, which included a love story, war stories, and a duel that ended tragically for the son of the founders of Vicksburg. It was so interesting.

The rest of the weekend was just as restful and revitalizing as our country adventure, which was much needed considering I had had one of those infamous weeks full of tests and papers. Now I’m ready to hit the ground running…

And, of course, prepare for my dental school interview… it’s this Friday!!!


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