Talk the talk, carve the chalk

Last Friday was the big day. I got married.

Just kidding. I had my dental school interview!!!

And the process was a family affair, beginning with my parents picking me up Thursday night to drive me to New Orleans. We stayed at my favorite hotel and made dinner reservations for Friday night at my favorite restaurant. I was excited for it all, except the actual interview, which I was incredibly nervous about.

The school I applied to is one of the last to still utilize a chalk-carving manual dexterity test as part of the interview process. I had been practicing and practicing and once it was finally done, I could relax and enjoy the rest of the process, which I really did enjoy. It was great to meet other interviewees and realize that they were all people I could see myself being friends with at school.

In fact, I thought I didn’t know anyone else who was applying, let alone interviewing on the same day as me. So imagine my surprise when I walked in and realized that the first person I looked at was someone with whom I graduated high school and haven’t seen since! And once it was known that I was a Millsaps student, I had the usual “Oh! Do you know…” questions and discovered that I had mutual BFF’s with four out of the nine people there. Amazing. Small world, but I shouldn’t be surprised about that by now.

So overall it was an enjoyable experience, even though it was a whirlwind, and got me really amped up about the prospects of being a student there next year.

So that night, my parents and I enjoyed our fabulous dinner and drinks, went to bed, woke up and shopped on Magazine St. Saturday morning. We ate poboys, then hopped back in the car to return to Jackson, listening to the LSU-Florida game (Geaux Tigers) until we were somewhere where we could watch the smack-down on TV. Sorry for not being sorry, Gator fans.

Anyway, I can all but picture myself being a dentist one day. And so can my friends, apparently, who helped me stage some demonstrations…

Just kidding. Maybe.


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