Saddle Up.

Last Saturday, one of the fraternities on campus had their annual Blazing Saddles party.

Blazing Saddles is a camping sort of party. It was on somebody’s land in south Louisiana, complete with a giant bonfire, a nice camp house, a pond, and plenty of room for a band, frisbee, and other shenanigans. It was great.

These parties are a great change of pace from the usual goings-on from Thursday to Saturday nights. We left Saturday and got lunch at Beagle Bagel, a local favorite, and hit the road caravan style, drove down to the camp listening to music, and stayed there until the next morning.

You may have noticed that the weather at night in October is much colder than the weather during the day. We especially noticed this in our tents that night. I actually never did fall asleep, something I have never done in my life. I was even colder after one of my friends accidentally spilled the entire contents of his cup on top of me and another friend around the fire. I had just started to tell him that he had a fire ember on his jacket, and he did not wait for me to say “ember,” so he just thought he was on fire, flipped out, and in the process, flipped his cup. Mikey and I caught it, or at least the beverage inside of it, with our faces. Classic…

But despite the sleep deprivation and the spill, it was fantastic, another one of those nights spent with best friends and live music. I’m starting to get to all the “lasts” of college; last Blazing Saddles, for instance, and it’s making me sad. I’m going to miss so much about Millsaps when the time comes. But for now, I’ll just keep living it up.

My roommate and I…

Right before lighting the great fire!


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