This weekend

It was not real life.

By that I mean it was just so incredible that it left me with the false impression that I wasn’t in school anymore and could just have fun and never work again for the rest of my college career.

That’s not the case; that’s just how it felt. Friday night, my sorority had one of our date parties for the semester. It was at the Mississippi Sports Museum, had a live band, and was a great reason to dress up and go dance the night away. We came back later that night and somehow decided a change of pace would be a great idea and put in the Ring, which I still maintain is one of the scariest movies ever. To be honest, this was the first time I actually kept my eyes open the whole time… Lame, I know, but after seeing some of the scary stuff I remember why I had opted not to look in the past.

Saturday was homecoming day, and we had lots of homecoming festivities to attend. All the recent (and sometimes older) alumni come in for homecoming, so I saw lots of friends of mine that had graduated in the past year or two. We had open houses for sororities, a football game, Tasting at the Tents (where lots of student organizations set up tents and enter a food contest), a dinner for a friend’s birthday, and a Halloween party all night long. We stayed out late… very late… probably the latest I’ve stayed up in the past year…

This is one of my best friends who graduated last year, and the bride-to-be of the wedding I’m in this December!

Oh yes… a picture with the Major…

And Sunday was the recovery day when I finally slept and then went to the HAC (the athletics center) to run off all the food I had eaten all weekend. The Saints lost, which made me very sad and upset, but I got over it eventually. One of my professors jokes that if the Saints lose, he grades harder and makes his tests more difficult, and considering we have a test in his class this Tuesday, I should maybe study a little more than I usually would, if I can get over this senioritis and sit down and study. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the year…


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