(Faux) Birthday Fun

Saturday was not my birthday. But we pretended like it was.

Saturday night was the night of  Destination Unknown, an annual fraternity party where the guys and their dates load onto charter buses without knowing where the party is actually located (only the person who planned the party knows). I’ve written about it before; last year, we went to Tuscaloosa. This year, we ended up in Memphis and took a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi.

The “birthday” festivities began while we were at dinner. We were all about to leave and suddenly, the waitress walks up with a giant sombrero and a beverage. I thought she was going to give it to the guy next to me, but instead looks right at me and says, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MA’AM!” I had to think on my feet and realized I couldn’t make it obvious that it was not, in fact, the anniversary of my birth. So I smiled, had to pose for a polaroid, and thank everyone graciously while trying to figure out who lied…

And then that theme stuck for the rest of the night. While we were on the bus, my friends broke into a chorus of “Happy Birthday” that everyone joined in on (and of course paused for the name since most didn’t know who they were singing to), and afterwards I had younger girls and guys coming up to me to wish me a good one for real, since they weren’t there for the beginning of the joke and thought that it truly was my birthday. It made for continuous entertainment.

The entire party was a blast. We danced all night to a fun band from New Orleans and admired the city at nighttime. And of course, the bus ride there is half the fun. No one ever stays in their seats. We all had the time of our lives.


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