Driving Under the Influence… of Football


Thanksgiving break was fantastic. As much as I love my room at school, which I consider my little oasis, I always marvel at how wonderful it is to be home and sit in a warm, quiet, comfortable house for several days. Not to mention the fact that I always eat my weight in delicious food.

But I didn’t spend the entire break at home. On Friday, I left for Memphis for my friend Maria’s bachelorette party. And just in case you were living under a rock last weekend, Friday was the day of the LSU-Arkansas game, an afternoon game, at that.

Just because I go to a small liberal arts college doesn’t mean that I can’t still cheer for my favorite SEC team. I was regretting the fact that I wouldn’t be in front of a big TV hopping up and down, but I do still love listening to football on the radio. Unfortunately for me, driving through Arkansas limited my choices of radio stations and left me only with the option of listening to the game on an Arkansas station…from the Arkansas point of view. And, big surprise, they were not very animated when LSU did something good. So when the Honey Badger ran back a 92 yard punt return for a touch down for example, I didn’t realize what was going on until the crowd in the background alerted me that something big was happening. The announcers just made it sound like another normal play.

I probably shouldn’t have been driving. I was emotionally compromised for the majority of the game. I would be driving along, listening, then clap emphatically¬†or throw up my hands and yell, then look over and make awkward eye contact with a passing car who probably thought I was having some sort of mental break-down.

But in the end, I was very pleased with my team. See you at the BCS Championship.

And Memphis was incredible as well. We stayed at the Peabody, which was decorated for Christmas and looked like a winter wonderland. It’s finally that time of year again…


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