We’re back!

Yes, we’re back in business. It’s time for me to round out my last semester at Millsaps (sad…).

We had five weeks off for winter break this year, unlike the past where we’ve “only” had four weeks to veg out and shake off the stress of a fast-paced semester. I think some people found that five weeks was actually too much time off and were heavily burdened with boredom, but my break was punctuated and broken up into shorter segments that I spent actually at home (not that I ever get bored of being home; I love it). I did a lot of traveling; I took three very different trips whilst on break…

The first was to Birmingham for the wedding of my one of my dearest friends.

Then I flew out to Las Cruces, NM to visit my grandmother and enjoy the area (I love it there).

And then came the ski trip. A group of four of us went to Snowbird, UT to tear up the slopes (gnarly…) (kidding…) and had a marvelous time. I hadn’t been skiing in probably six years or so, and you may know that I have a bum knee to watch out for, but nothing stopped us from having a ball. Even when I hit a tree. Yes, that did happen, and fortunately I had a helmet, and fortunately I also had the mental fortitude to wait until I could tell my parents in person and they could see with their own eyes that I was unharmed, otherwise that would have been a stressful and possibly emotional phone call. The best part of that (and all the wipeouts over the week) is that my friend Ian had a helmet cam to catch all the action on tape and document it for future humiliation. That thing was the source of hours of entertainment over the week watching the days’ triumphs and tragedies.

Other than a few hilarious and sometimes mildly scary falls, the trip was a major success and the skiing went well. The last day, my friend Laura and I decided not to ski and instead played like little children in the seven inches or so of fresh snow, while more continued to fall.

So now I find myself back at school with an exciting semester ahead of me. I bet things are going to get very nostalgic among my group of best friends as we close up our college career together over the next few months.


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