La Nouvelle-Orleans!!

This past Saturday was the initiation formal for one of the fraternities on campus.

The party was at the House of Blues in New Orleans, so on Saturday morning (or really, around noon, but when you wake up at 11, that is still the morning), we loaded up the cars in the pouring rain and headed south. I rode with my date and my best friend and her date and had a great ride down. It’s always fun to make the final turn on the causeway and see the Crescent City in the distance.

Everyone in the party stayed at the Ambassador hotel, so we got dressed headed out to dinner. My date Jacob and I had a fabulous dinner at Dickie Brennan’s in the Quarter. So when we had all finished eating, we walked (yes, strutting a couple blocks over through the French Quarter in tuxes and formal dresses) to the House of Blues to show each other up on the dance floor.

Afterwards we went to Bourbon Street (of course). And from there, later in the night, one of our friends suggested we walk to Frenchman Street, failing to mention that it was going to be a very long walk for those of us in shoes other than flats or loafers… but we made it.

The next morning, we had a noon-o’clock breakfast at Cafe du Monde and walked around Jackson Square and the river front until we jumped in the car to make it back to Jackson, MS to watch the Super Bowl. Since my team (the Saints) weren’t playing, I was only entertained by the commercials and not the game, but I watched the second half half-heartedly. Yes, I’m still upset by the fateful play-off game that knocked Who Dat Nation out.

But I think all of us that went to NOLA should count our blessings, as we all came back with clean records and clean bills of health.


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