Tis the season… to celebrate Mardi Gras

At Millsaps, graduating seniors have to take comprehensive exams in their majors. There is both a written and an oral portion with your professors, and anything you have learned in the last four years is fair game.

My written comps were Friday and I have been studying for them for a while. I feel great about it and am so glad the written part is behind me.

So, most seniors probably spent Thursday night, the night before the test, in their rooms either studying or going to bed super early. Well, I would have, but we had a Mardi Gras themed swap with one of the fraternities, so…

Don’t get me wrong, I had been studying hard up until that point, but it was time to have fun and relax before the big day. Not to mention, I had been voted to be the Mardi Gras queen, with my friend Mikey as king. The guys had voted on our court, and we had voted for theirs. Every pair on the court had a theme and was introduced to the swap with a theme song as they entered.

(Captain Morgan- I have gotten so much use out of this wig that I bought as a freshman for a Lil’ Wayne costume…)

(Miami Vice)

And to continue the Mardi Gras celebration, immediately following my comps, I jumped in the car with my best friends and drove to Lafayette, LA. We spent the day on Saturday at my friend Jacob’s fishing camp in Cypremort Point, went to parades, and ate.

Oh, and we ate a lot. Lafayette and the surrounding area is arguably the nation’s Tastiest Town… in fact, they’ve won Southern Living’s “Tastiest Town” competition in the past, and my predictions tell me they are going to win it again this year.

I’m so glad Mardi Gras was strategically placed around the biology written comps. I’m not sure who to thank for that, but it made for a perfect way to unwind and celebrate the season.


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