The Cone of Shame

This weekend was Family Weekend! I love when my family comes to visit. My parents and brother Sam, who goes to Louisiana Tech came to visit (unfortunately Remi did not come… she stayed at the vet. Sad.)

Family weekend usually coincides with lots of big philanthropic events put on by Greek organizations so that families can be involved. My sorority hosted our annual 5K walk, another sorority had a silent auction, and one of the fraternities hosted their Chili Bowl (one of my favorite philanthropy activities of the year). It was beautiful weather and a perfect day for every event that was scheduled.

The walk went very smoothly and I enjoyed a little early-morning exercise with my family. There was one hiccup though.

As we walked down Riverside Drive, a hilly street near Millsaps, we saw on the other side of the street a big car with some of my friends in it going to pick up some things at the end of the race route. It was driven by one of my best friends, Laura, and she honked the horn at us as she approached. As our attention shifted over to the car barreling down the street honking at us, we heard a loud “THWACK!…bumbumbumbum…” and realized that she had absolutely demolished one of the orange traffic cones we had set in the road, and then proceeded to drag it a couple hundred yards as it was stuck to the car. It was perfectly timed for everyone who knows her best to see it happen. She then quickly turned on a side street and drove off in shame.

Of course no real harm was done, unless you consider the hit to the ego. We had to rub it in a little…

Other than that, the weekend went off without a hitch and was filled with good food, good weather, and great company.


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