Monthly Archives: March 2012

A Major Weekend

Please excuse the above pun. I’ve just heard a lot of them lately.

Millsaps spirit was kicked into high gear all last week and over the past weekend. “Major Decision Day,” when sophomore students are encouraged to select a major and have a pizza or ice cream party with their department was last week, as was Major Madness, a week long celebration for the student body.

As one part of Major Madness, Millsaps sponsored a free movie night. All students had to do was bring their student ID to the movie theater to get free admission. I saw 21 Jump Street, which I had chosen just to rest my brain a little and ended up laughing at a lot more than I would have guessed. Not to mention Johnny Depp had a cameo. Love…

The weekend had all sorts of fun stuff for students to do and was our big admissions weekend. Tons of high school students stayed all weekend for a free concert, crawfish boil, and opportunities to basically meet the entire student body.

But for the first time in my four years here, I missed the weekend and was in New Orleans to see the Broadway show The Lion King on its tour. It was absolutely the most incredible show I have ever seen. I would never have guessed costumes and staging effects like that could have been possible. During the opening when all the different kinds of animals were approaching, the audience just kept cheering and applauding whenever a new animal would enter because it was so impressive. I loved it.

The rest of the weekend we spent time uptown, went to the World War II museum, and ate like royalty. From New Orleans to Jackson, it seemed like everyone had a great weekend.


St. Paddy’s

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Mardi Gras in south Louisiana.

This past Saturday, Jackson had it’s own parade of the same caliber: the Mal’s St. Paddy’s Day Parade.

In my four years at Millsaps, I’ve never missed the parade. It is such a blast. Every year, my friends set up a tent in front of the governor’s mansion and watch the floats and enjoy the festivities. It’s something everyone looks forward to and something Jackson does really well. Some 65,000 people show up each year sporting their best St. Paddy’s day attire and drinking green beverages (or beverages with drops of green food coloring, as is usually the case).

The St. Paddy’s Day parade was the perfect way to wrap up our Spring Break, which was last week. There were several groups of us that all went down to Destin to represent Millsaps amongst the hoards that came from Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, Miss. State, etc. The weather was the best we had ever had at Spring Break and we all came back looking bronzed.

I would like to say that last week was restful, but between the parties at Spring Break (plus the amount of sun we all got) in addition to St. Paddy’s, restful is not the best word… Relaxing, yes, but I still have some catching up to do on sleep…

I dreamed the future…

Seriously. It was so weird.

I went home for the first part of this weekend to spend some time at home with the family and to switch out my winter clothes (which I hardly wore because it never really got cold here this year) for spring stuff (including swim suits… Spring Break is next week!!!). I don’t have classes on Friday somehow (as a biology student I never thought this was possible), so I went home Thursday night.

That night, I had a dream that I was driving down one of the main streets in Jackson and I got a flat tire on my front, driver side. It was pretty realistic; my car was tilted and I could hear the “flapflapflap” of the tire in the dream. So I woke up, remembered the dream and thought about how relieved I was to realize it wasn’t real, and went about my day.

Later that morning, I went out to my car to drive somewhere, hopped in, and pulled out of the driveway. It only took about 30 seconds to notice… my car was tilted and I could hear a “flapflapflap.” I thought, “No…way…” got out of the car, and looked, and sure enough, I had a flat tire on my front, driver’s side.

This put me at the tire store later, after my dad and I labored for a good hour or so changing the flat to the spare, which is supposed to be an easy task but took us two different jacks and four hands.

I couldn’t believe my dream had actually become real. Now I feel like I have to report all my significant dreams to those who are involved…yuck…

Thankfully I drove back to school on Saturday safely on fresh new wheels. There was a huge party Saturday night hosted by three fraternities together that I knew was going to be great. And it was. I’m starting to feel like I can’t miss anything because my graduation date is rapidly approaching…