Case of the Mondays

I don’t really have a case of the Mondays. We had a great weekend over here. Another one of my best friends turned 22 yesterday!

So Saturday night we had a birthday feast for her. We went to a restaurant near school called Basil’s. Basil’s is a favorite among Millsapians; you can bring your own bottle of wine (as long as you’re of age), the food is delicious, and you won’t break the bank. We even got two sampler plates of all their desserts because of a mix-up with the order. Yum!!

I actually spent a large part of the weekend studying because tomorrow I have one of the last big obligations seniors have before graduation to take care of: oral comprehensive exams. Graduating seniors at Millsaps take comprehensive exams that cover everything you have learned in your major, and the tests have both a written component, which I already took, and an oral part where you stand in front of your professors and they shoot lots of questions at you. It’s just one more right of passage you have to endure to earn that lovely diploma everyone is working so hard for.

What I’m looking forward to is all the Facebook statuses about comps to cease, and I’m sure the rest of the school is, too. As much as I admittedly enjoy Facebook and like using it to distract myself from things I should be doing instead, it lends itself too well to public complaining or public bragging. I realize that this isn’t a Millsaps phenomenon, of course, but still… I’m noticing an ever increasing trend of people telling everyone on Facebook things that I would only tell my close friends and family. Different strokes, I guess.

In other news, the campus is just beautiful these days (and warm!… 85 degrees in March/April??). If you haven’t seen it recently, or ever, come on by and enjoy the Bowl with the rest of the student body.


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