With only two weeks of classes left in my undergraduate career, I find myself encountering lots of “last”s; last formal, last Millsaps baseball game, last test in college, etc.

Friday night, my sorority had its Spring Formal party, and my best friends and I took our dates to Babalu, one of my favorite restaurants in Jackson. Babalu is a tapas restaurant, so we had sangria, guacamole that is made fresh at your table, and incredible tacos and enchiladas. We were stuffed and had a blast. In fact, dinner might have been the highlight of the evening. It’s just great to have a fun meal with your favorite people in the world when everyone is in high spirits and ready to have a great night.

Saturday and Sunday I did nothing productive but thoroughly enjoyed both days. Both times I went to Millsaps baseball games, grilled kabobs with my friend Jacob, and spent time with my girlfriends. That’s all I want to do right now anyway…


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